Connoisseurs of quiet, twinkling, crafted, garaged, screeching, jangling, blissful pop music.

On SoundCloud

We were around from 2003 to 2005. At various points members included Steve Clay, Josh Ney, Dan Francke, Dan McCoy, Jeremy Underwood, Juliet Sy, Brian Lee, and Jesse Long. It's old news.

A long time after we gave up, Steve did finish a few things, like Engineer (below) with its final guitar solo, and a more mellow version of Plastic Sitars than we ever played live.

Steve won't give up the name so SoundCloud gets personal Steve stuff every now and then. A lot of it's pretty bad and the former members listed above would like to distance themselves from it, but Steve controls these websites so their names are very much attached to the dumbest stuff he puts there.

Here's Steve (left), Josh (drums), and Dan McCoy playing live at The Atlantic in November 2004. Just to prove that we really existed.
Steve and Dan McCoy playing live

If you have a totally ancient computer you can even watch these RealMedia (sigh) video clips of Brighter Now and Surest Things from that show.

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