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Measurably Sweeter EP

  1. Sundays Wasted
  2. She may Turn Around
  3. Amy L
  4. Starting to Be It
  5. Forty Five
  6. Begin

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Connoisseurs of quiet, twinkling, crafted, garaged, screeching, jangling, blissful pop music.

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Feb. 22nd, 2008
There is a non-zero probability of us playing one more show at POPMayhem!, assuming everyone's into it. 3 years goes by quick.
Sept. 22nd, 2005
We won't be at Popfest New England due to some band drama. Instead I'm spending all my money on better recording gear to hopefully get the album done quicker. Is anything actually done? Just so you know we're working on it...
Aug 31st, 2005
This Friday we play the Shamrock with Lyndon and Pet Monument. Should be a great show and we hope to debut some new songs. After our Athens show (a few photos and a review are linked from the shows page) we were invited to play the upcoming Popfest New England! on Oct. 1st, so we're gonna try to have some shirts and maybe cheap/giveaway CDRs made for the occasion.
July 25th, 2005
Great news! Our next show will be August 5th at Common Grounds with Laura Minor (with her new band) and Iron & Wine guitarist Patrick McKinney. Better, our new friend Jesse will be playing violin for the show (as he has on some recent recordings) so it should be sweet. Also Chase King of Hana future-fame will be joining us for some upcoming shows, and, ideally, our upcoming Athens Popfest show on the 12th. Chase has a few more great songs tucked away.
May 12, 2005
The next show is at Faces next Saturday, the 21st, with Thunderbirds are Now! and Building the State. We will have to bring the rock. Also a big thanks goes to Laura Minor for inviting us to play Tuesday's show at the Atlantic.
April 12, 2005
Common Grounds show Friday. We'll play two new songs.
Mar. 19, 2005
We're in! We're playing the second annual HHBTM Popfest in Athens, GA in August. It looks like the first official FH release will be a cheap CDEP with two original songs ("Amy L" & "Surest Things") and two covers (the Innocence Mission's "She May Turn Around" and Margo Guryan's "Think of Rain"). Both songs from the demo were rerecorded and the three songs other than "Amy L" will be exclusive. This is at least the plan for now. The other album tracks are coming along.
Dec. 15, 2004
Wrap up in your favorite coat and scarf and join us this Friday, Dec. 17th at the Civic Media Center Benefit. The show is with Duck Church (described to us as "quirky, strange jazz from Orlando") and SugE ("acoustic guitar and fiddle duo") and should begin sometime around 9PM. This one will be just Josh, Dan and me, maybe a bit quieter than usual. Also, thanks to Sandi, there are a couple video clips from the last show.
Oct. 17, 2004
It's time to play out again... Come see us Friday, November 12th at the Atlantic with the Nervous Systems and, hopefully, the Beat Buttons. Yes, it's a four-day weekend for a lot of Gainesville, but don't pretend like you have anywhere better to go. Unfortunately, Brian has moved to Orlando and Jeremy & Juliet are busy with grad school, but our friend Dan McCoy is saving the show by playing bass for us. We're hoping to find someone to play violin or cello for this show (and maybe on some recordings), so if you know anyone who might play, please send them our way.
Mar. 31, 2004
I concede, the time I spent reworking this website should've been spent mixing drums. They're almost done.
Mar. 2004
The frantic, bubblegum cover we've been doing recently is Margo Guryan's “Think of Rain”. Pick up Claudine Longet's The Look of Love LP at any thrift store for the dreamiest version snuggled in the perfect album side for an afternoon nap. Since we can't touch Claudine, we try for Boyracer.

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