Sept. 10, 2003
We just had our second practice as a five-piece and it's starting to sound very nice.
Aug. 22, 2003
Hmm, before "Starting to Be It" had any words, I just lifted the line from the Papas Fritas song of the same name to have something to sing (the melody is slightly different). I proceeded to forgot about it and write the song around the line. Does Minty Fresh have a litigation cartridge?
Aug. 14, 2003
This site is up. Nothing to see here.
Jun. 2003
Dan (friend, bassist, roommate) moved to Pennsylvania, so I'm setting up my mostly empty house to record more songs...without him! We plan to hand out a demo of sorts at the San Francisco Pop Holiday in July. Read about our first show.
Dec. 2002
Josh had the idea that we should record an album in December with emphasis on getting something done over sound quality, and I agreed. We set up a couple good microphones (AKG C1000 and a budget Nady tube mic) and banged out several songs out with drums and guitar straight to 2-track. I put some bass on it and a few rough vocal takes so far. It's exciting to be working on something again.