Measurably Sweeter EP (“the demo”)

please enjoy

unfinished LP

Measurably Sweeter EP

  1. Sundays Wasted
  2. She may Turn Around
  3. Amy L
  4. Starting to Be It
  5. Forty Five
  6. Begin

older stuff

Six songs, self-“released”. 100 of these were frantically duplicated and packaged (hand-crafted envelopes with beautiful red stitching by Tanya) the day before a trip to San Francisco. We planned to give them all out at the 2003 Pop Holiday music festival, but ended up saving most of them for friends.

[demo cover]

Later demo packaging:

Too lazy to make more covers. With two stickers.

[demo packaged in plastic sleave]

Finished June 2003 at the 307 House of Fun and Excitement. All songs by Steve except “She May Turn Around” by The Innocence Mission. CD tracks 8-11 are old MrClay songs. Bonus track 13 is the The Gun Show (Dan Francke & Jeff Wood).